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BBC 2: Songs of Praise
Alister McGrath is involved in a Songs of Praise episode about great storytellers including CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein.
The programme will air this Sunday, 24th November at 4.55pm on BBC Two
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BBC Radio 4: Sunday Worship

A Vision of Heaven: CS Lewis’s biographer Revd Prof Alister McGrath marks the 50th anniversary of the author’s death, from Lewis’s parish church of Holy Trinity, Headington in Oxford.

Like many other Christian writers before him, Lewis declares that the hope of heaven enables us to see this world in its true perspective. This life is the preparation for that greater reality… For Lewis, the Christian hope is about returning home to where we really belong. – McGrath

To see a transcript of Alister McGrath’s full sermon visit the BBC Website here.

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BBC Radio 2: Good Morning Sunday with Clare Balding
Alister McGrath was Clare Balding’s programme guest on 17th November and they spoke about writer and Christian apologist CS Lewis.

I see Aslan first of all as a very interesting lion, I wish I knew him better but secondly, he’s magnificent, he’s noble, he’s the kind of creature, when you meet him you’re going to feel overwhelmed by him. He’s not a tame lion, he’s wild. And it’s this idea of someone who’s majestic, mysterious, who seems to know you, who in effect evokes something mysterious and wonderful, that turns your life inside out and somehow, Lewis manages to portray this magnificent lion who changes peoples lives and I think he’s trying to say that maybe that’s what Jesus Christ is like but the literary representation does the job splendidly. – McGrath

To listen to the full interview of Clare Balding and Alister McGrath, click here.