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I began working for the Zacharias Trust in the late 1990s. At that time apologetics was viewed by many in the European church as a distant, introspective academic off-shoot of theology, something with which normal Christians would have little to do.

Our passion could not be further from this. We wholeheartedly believe that apologetics and evangelism belong firmly together and that every member of every church can and should be involved in these exciting pursuits. Put simply, apologetics is the ability to talk to non-Christian friends, colleagues and family members about Christ in a convincing and meaningful way, so that they come to a point of decision for themselves. To that end – as well as doing apologetics on the front line ourselves – we have put on countless training events and spoken at many churches and conferences helping equip Christians to think and speak clearly about their faith. In all of our training, we try to come alongside the church and seek to give away what God has entrusted to us.

Apologetics is very much on the agenda for many churches again today. The rise of rampant secularism, as well as other challenges facing us as Christians in Europe, has caused us to start asking questions ourselves as well as trying to answer the challenges and objections of sceptics. As the Zacharias Trust, we are seeking to help meet this need for answers and a fresh confidence in the truth and your support is enabling us to do this.

Look out for our upcoming training days. If you are interested in reaching out to people who don’t share your beliefs, we would love to meet you and support you in speaking more effectively for Christ in a meaningful, compassionate and thoughtful way.