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RZIM recently led a mission at Bath University, which involved talks from Michael Ramsden and Tanya Walker.

Students from RZIM’s Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, including former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong, Stephen Lam, and OCCA alumni Mark Davies, a former SAS soldier, also took part in the mission.

Talk titles included ‘Can we be good without God?’, ‘Don’t all religions lead to God?’, ‘Science and Faith: Is God dead?’ and ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’. Many of the team’s talks can be found here

John Lennox at The Veritas Forum

John Lennox’s most recent talks for the Veritas Forum are now available online. These are ‘God: fact or fiction?, a talk he gave at the University of North Carolina ( and ‘The loud absence: where is God in suffering?”, a talk given on the steps of Columbia University (New York) on the anniversary of 9/11 (