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RZIM Asia-Pacific: Strategically poised to reach the region for Christ

The RZIM Asia-Pacific office was started in January 2003 to work alongside the Church in her efforts to reach the highly diverse and pluralistic culture in the region. Though based in Singapore, the team is responsible for a geographical area that spans from Australia and New Zealand to China and Japan.

Applying apologetics and biblical teaching in ministry, their focus is three-fold: evangelism, training and spiritual formation.


The team responds to invitations to participate in different evangelistic events at universities, church missions and conferences.

While public evangelistic meetings are forbidden in some countries in this region, the team is regularly invited to speak at open forums and inter-faith events on college campuses in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.


Working in partnership with churches and other organizations, the Asia-Pacific teams offers training for believers on how to communicate their faith to non-Christian friends and colleagues. The churches in this region are highly enthusiastic about reaching the lost for Christ but often find responding to challenging questions about our faith difficult.

Hence the team’s introductory apologetics seminar, Table Talk, serves to help believers understand the issues confronting the Christian worldview and learn how to provide a proper response to such challenges.

Reasonable Faith Weekend, their intermediate apologetics training program that is based on a two-year curriculum, is held twice a year in Malaysia. In view of the encouraging feedback on this program, they intend to replicate a similar course in other parts of the heterogeneous region.

Currently the team is also involved with Tung Ling Bible College, School of Leadership (Corner Stone Church), Singapore Bible College and Bible College, Malaysia in training their students in apologetics. There are also plans to establish the Asia Institute for Apologetics (AIA) in collaboration with leading theological colleges in Singapore.

While most of their training programs are in English the team are also able to teach and speak in the Malay language and in Mandarin.

Spiritual Formation

Finally, as the effectiveness of the Christian witness greatly hinges on the person who bears the message, it is crucial that priority be placed on the transformation of believers into Christ-likeness – by the renewing of the mind, according to the writer of Romans (12:2). As such, the main thrust of their teaching and training programs is on helping believers think and live Christianly for the glory of God.

L T Jeyachandran
Executive Director of RZIM Asia-Pacific