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It is a tremendous privilege to live in a country so blessed as Canada. In natural beauty alone – stretching from shore (east) to shore (west) to shore (north) – she invites her inhabitants to wander and to wonder.

No less grand are the people who make this land their home. It has been said that if you find a Canadian friend, you’ve found one for life. I like that as it speaks to a collective virtue: that living in community is held in high regard. That looking out for each other is a characteristic worth protecting and pursuing, and that conversations are worth having.

It is among these people – friendly, trusting and self-effacing – that RZIM Canada seeks to foster a rich understanding of, and love for the redemptive grace of our Lord. I must say, it can intimidate and inspire us simultaneously. Canadians expect us to be open and honest; thoughtful and well-read; understanding of others yet purposeful. Mostly, they expect that if ‘Jesus is love’ then anything goes as long as it appears to be loving.

Our team is deeply committed, in love, to people. Equally, we are deeply committed to introducing people to the narrative of scripture – the great conversation between the supernatural and the natural.

In this world, we all have ideas that guide us as we make our way through life. Whether we have considered them or not, these ideas determine both how we look at the world and how we live in it. Ideas are so influential that it is worth thinking carefully about which ones we hold to and why.

In Canada, it is common to feel bombarded by different perspectives and ideas. They come so cheaply and easily that it can be difficult to sort through them reflectively. In a culture of multiple options where advertising rules the day, it seems ideas hold sway more based on their novelty and presentation than on their content or coherence.

Consequently, one of the challenges we face in Canada is to elucidate that all the ideas we adopt need to work themselves out in real life regardless of how they were chosen. They all have a finishing line, a landing place, a final destination. They all take us somewhere.

So, RZIM Canada asks a lot of questions. Where do the ideas that hold sway in our culture lead us? What are the results of the ideas that we personally accept? What are the consequences of how we answer or fail to answer the big questions of life? What is faith? And we respectfully ask people to consider the unique ways faith that in Christ offers a response to these honest questions.

Paul E Ralph
On behalf of Andy, Deborah, Karlenna, Rachel & Rick