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RZIM Hong Kong was officially established in the autumn of 2008, and since that time we have been warmly and readily welcomed into this multicultural and many-faceted region.

Many people think of Hong Kong as a tiny, dense island off the southern coast of China. In fact Hong Kong is derived from a total of 235 islands though most of its 7-million inhabitants squeeze into a rather small radius on either side of the Victoria Harbour. Since 1997, Hong Kong has been a ‘Special Administrative Region’ of China, governed under a unique ’one country, two systems’ rule of law. It is within this environment that we engage with those in and around our new home base.

We had a terrific beginning to 2009, when Michael Ramsden came to address audiences that swept the range of those whom we are called to serve. The financial crisis was at that time a steam-roller gaining speed and Michael was in position to gain the ear of investment bankers, speaking on ‘Losing Faith in Derivatives’. The increasing numbers in audience attendance throughout the long weekend was evidence of a hunger for gospel truth. Subsequent conversations and invitations pointed to hearts and minds that were touched and move to explore more fully the possibility of faith in Christ.

RZIM Hong Kong is taking shape in various forms, which include regular weekly Bible studies and the launching of our first leaders’ training conference and university open forum.

Already in our first year, there’s been tremendous flow in the Hong Kong-to-Oxford pipeline. Nineteen Hong Kong delegates attended the Zacharias Trust one week summer school, including 3 students enrolled in the longer term OCCA programmes. The feedback has affirmed our vision for Hong Kong as many of these delegates have been spurred to take what they’ve learned back to the region with evangelistic and ministry training opportunities. Their enthusiasm for growing the vision is encouraging, to say the least! Our dream is to further the teaching offered in Oxford, in our region on a regular basis.

The opportunities for ministry into the greater region are many. As we partner with friends and churches in key areas, we are grateful for these encouraging first steps.

Grace Lee
Director, RZIM Hong Kong