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India is growing in leaps and bounds. From a land where there were only around four prominent cities until a few years ago, she now has around eighty rapidly growing cities. India is also a collage of cultures with sharp distinctions even within the borders of a state.

To meet the challenge of reaching the influencers in this vast and diverse land with the credibility of the gospel of Jesus Christ, four regional offices have been set up by RZIM in India. This ensures that every city and town is within the influence of one of our offices.

The Ravi Zacharias Centre for Learning in Chennai was set up to cater to the needs of Christians in Southern India. At present the Academy of Apologetics, housed in this centre, offers a three week residential programme in apologetics. Students from India, the Far East and the United States have graduated. The faculty includes key speakers from the RZIM national team. The Academy has also launched specialised courses to meet the challenges of postmodernism. These weekend programmes have been conducted in the major cities of India. Next year, the academy will offer a special course in understanding New Age.

In 2009, a programme called ‘Teen Apologetics’ is being launched. The aim of this programme is to equip a large number of teenagers to be prepared to give answers to the four basic questions of life: origin, meaning, morality and destiny. In January Dr. Ravi Zacharias will address meetings in the key cities of Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Trivandrum. Political leaders, businesspeople and those from academia will all be present.

Cyril Georgeson
Ministry Team, RZIM India