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Amy Orr-Ewing is Director of Programmes for the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) and UK Director for RZIM Zacharias Trust. Follow Amy Orr-Ewing on Twitter Read Amy's full biography →

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Amy Orr-Ewing

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Love’s Unveiling: The Message of Easter

5 April 2014

In the next two weeks, to help us prepare for Easter, I have recorded a set of Bible devotions that will take us day by day through the Easter story all the way to Easter Day on Sunday April 20, 2014. Week 1   Week 2   These devotions include a key verse from Matthew’s […]

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Aren’t religions all the same?

14 October 2011

We live in a context of spiritual longing. Many people are searching for that which will satisfy an inner craving for meaning and significance. The artist Damian Hirst recently said this: “Why do I feel so important when I’m not? Nothing is important and everything is important. I do not know why I am here […]

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Summer 2011 – Amy writes…

4 July 2011

This year we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible (KJV).

This translation had a massive influence on the English language and culture and has also played an important role in getting the Bible into the hands of ordinary people. As this anniversary seems to have captured the imagination of the media, there have been many opportunities to comment and to speak to people about the Bible.

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Grayling’s Secular ‘Bible’ – A Good Book?

28 June 2011

In publishing his godless Bible for those with no faith, A. C. Grayling may have expected a mixed reception. The ‘religious Bible’ (as he calls the Christian original) often sparks controversy, so one might have assumed that his would prompt a powerful reaction.

But although there have been eyebrows raised, support given, and criticism levelled, I can’t help feeling that there is something a little flat about it all. Perhaps it is because we are in the midst of celebrating the 400-year anniversary of the King James translation of the Bible with its majestic impact on the English language, that one struggles to muster any strong reaction to this book. One of the repeated observations made about Grayling’s moral guide for atheists is that it just doesn’t seem to be as good or interesting as the original.

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One Way

1 June 2011

Have you ever met someone and sensed that they are very suspicious of you? When my boys began their first year at school last term I made lots of new friends as I got to know the other parents. One mother seemed to take an immediate dislike to me and although I tried to be friendly, I struggled to make conversation.

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God are you there?

5 April 2011

I found myself watching the Channel 4 programme One Born Every Minute this week. Over the course of an hour I laughed cried and winced as we watched an incredibly diverse selection of women giving birth to their babies in NHS hospitals. While the church in China sees someone become a Christian every 30 seconds and the hospitals in our own country see a baby born every minute I started to wonder how often new birth is occurring here in Britain.

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Spring 2011 – Amy writes…

25 January 2011

Looking back over the last 12 years of ministry with RZIM there is so much to give thanks to God for. Apologetics and mission are unwavering passions in my life, but alongside this I have always been involved in local church leadership with my husband Frog.

Before the parish system was fully functioning in the church, many hundreds of years ago, resource centres for spiritual and missionary growth were established in strategic locations. These centres were both a place and a people, a congregation and part of a movement. These hubs were diverse, learned, engaged and often connected to important transport routes. In recent years missiologists, recognising the missionary context of Western Europe in particular, have begun discussing whether a return to Minster churches alongside parochial or local forms of church was long overdue.

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You Don’t Honestly Believe That!

15 July 2010

In some countries of the world the Bible is contraband. Smuggling operations exist with the sole aim of getting them secretly across closed borders and into the hands of those who want to read it. I will never forget getting off a train in an Asian country at four o’clock one morning and making my way to a rendezvous with three indigenous church leaders. A team of us were delivering bags filled with Bibles that were to be distributed amongst the churches farther north. When our friends unzipped the bags and looked inside, the tears began to flow down their cheeks. These books were so precious to the Christian believers that they were prepared to risk imprisonment and persecution in order to get hold of them. I found it intriguing that the Bible should inspire such sacrifice and courage in the hearts of those who want to read it. But why is the world’s bestselling book rubbished by so many? Have you ever had the experience of someone turning to you and saying, “You don’t honestly believe all that stuff, do you?”.

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