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Can Man Live Without GodTitle: Can Man Live Without God?
Author: Ravi Zacharias

“To every generation God send a prophet. Ravi Zacharias is that prophet for this generation. You must hear him.”
Josh McDowell

It is no accident that Ravi Zacharias’ radio programme is entitled Let My People Think. Although everything I have read or heard of Ravi’s material so far has caused me to pause for thought, in my view Can Man Live Without God should come with a health warning: may seriously challenge your thinking.

Awarded the Gold Medallion for best book in the category of doctrine and theology in 1994, Can Man Live Without God is a feast for both the heart and the mind. Using material from lectures presented at Harvard and Ohio State Universities, Ravi provides a deep, compelling apologetic for the Christian faith, leading his readers to consider the impact of their beliefs.

Ravi plunges into the realms of art, poetry, philosophy, theology and logic in examining some of the deepest questions of life: what gives life meaning? What are the implications of the antitheistic thinking which is sweeping the Western world? Can Christianity – can Christ – really give profound answers to the problems of pain, meaninglessness, blurred identity and unanchored morality that characterise contemporary society? In short, can man live – not just physically, but reasonably and fully – without God?

One striking feature of the book is the urgency and passion with which Ravi writes. His compassion, eloquent style, illustrations and touches of humour mean that although the content requires slow, careful reading, the book is accessible to any thinking person, regardless of prior knowledge of theology or philosophy. Whether you approach this book as a Christian believer, a sceptic, an agnostic or atheist, the one inescapable message hammered home is that these questions of life are not insignificant: they are absolutely crucial – and the answers even more so. As Charles Colson writes in the foreword, “I hope you will not read this book lightly and lay it aside.” It is my conviction that you will be unable to.