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Has Christianity Failed You?
Title: Has Christianity Failed You?
Author: Ravi Zacharias

“To find contentment and purpose in our lives we must turn back to Jesus Christ and place our trust in him.” David Limbaugh

Countless encounters with those who once called themselves Christian made clear to Ravi Zacharias the need to write a book that dealt directly with the widespread and deeply rooted dissatisfaction that many felt towards Christian faith. In his latest book, Has Christianity Failed You? Ravi identifies what he believes to be one of the central reasons causing so many to abandon their faith: the difference between what we believe about God and our own experiences. In other words, God has not lived up to our expectations.

Combining compassion and intellectual rigour, this book is a timely reminder about the importance of getting to know God’s character better, in order to provide a firm foundation for our faith. He encourages us to trust that God is bigger than our circumstances and urges us not to allow our changing emotions to govern our view of reality. He turns our assumption that our disappointment is God’s fault on its head and shows us that it is not a result of God’s abandonment, but rather our turning away from him. No-one is abandoned by Christ. He therefore offers a gentle challenge for the reader to turn back to Jesus, the only one who is able to ultimately deliver us from disappointment and despair and the only one through whom we can know the true God. He asks the reader to face up to the question: Is it possible to make sense of life once one has denied faith in Christ?

Ravi deals sympathetically with the heart-felt concerns and disappointments that many feel and he acknowledges both the failures of the church and the tensions that are common to our experience. But he returns the reader to the crucial central question: on what do we want our lives to be based? “Truth,” he reminds us, “is no respecter of mistaken judgements,” and so we must not allow our experiences to dictate what we believe as this cannot lead us to truth. Has Christianity Failed You? acts as a poignant reminder that it is only in Christ that we will find life to the full.