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Demand Outstrips Supply

We are privileged to have such a dynamic and diverse team of full and part-time speakers, with more than 150 years of speaking experience between them. Michael Ramsden, Amy Orr-Ewing, John Lennox, Alister McGrath and Michael Green are all well-known gifted speakers.

The harvest is plentiful but we cannot meet the ever-increasing demand for all the evangelistic engagements and training needs that currently come from all sectors of the UK and Europe. Many of our team are in huge demand on other continents, too.

We have made it a priority, therefore, to add one extra full-time itinerant speaker to our team each year for the next five years. Many of these have already been identified, are part of our Associates programme, and are undertaking or have undertaken studies at various Bible colleges and at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

In January 2009, the first of these new itinerants, Vlad Criznic, began spearheading the evangelism and apologetics ministry in Romania and beyond. Significantly, his appointment also means the opening of the Trust’s first European office outside of the UK (in Arad, west Romania).

Vlad, who is married to Dora, first met Michael Ramsden in 2007, he later joined as an Associate and has a BA in Theology from the Emmanuel University of Oradea. Vlad said: “I am delighted to be part of the RZIM Zacharias Trust team, reaching out to the people of Romania. There is a very great need in this nation and I am looking forward to continuing to share the gospel in many different settings with the support and help of the team”.

Essential Training for Evangelists

In 2004 when the Zacharias Trust teamed up with Wycliffe Hall (a permanent private hall of Oxford University) to form the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), a world class strategic training centre was formed.

The emphasis of the centre’s highly-focused one-year apologetics course is very much on practical evangelism, with its training in apologetics designed to be the vital ingredient to assist Christians to be effective in their witness and defense of the gospel.

Through this course and other Zacharias Trust training events, a number of Associates have already been identified and appointed to strengthen and support the main team at various speaking engagements.

While Associates are not paid a salary, they do come together as a group for further training up to three times a year, including attendance at the European Leadership Forum in Hungary – a major annual event at which the Zacharias Trust leads the evangelism and apologetics network.

As part of its overall strategy, the Zacharias Trust aims to increase the number of Associates from the current 17 to 40 over the next five years. This will make a major difference in helping us to meet the growing number of speaking engagements and will also increase the team’s effectiveness and presence throughout Europe.

How can you help?

The vision to add five itinerants in five years is perhaps too modest given the huge demand for apologetics and evangelism. How quickly we can really bring this effective ministry to each country through well-trained and highly-qualified apologists in Europe will, in the final analysis, be determined not by the lack of suitably mature and gifted speakers but rather by the level of support we receive.

The same is true of our Associates’ training and development programme. Associates are critical to the delivery of our ministry and several of them will go on to become the future faces of our ministry. An annual gift of £2,000 ensures the Trust’s ability to add and keep an extra Associate on the team, being involved in their mentoring, ongoing training and development.

If you are able to support the Trust with either of these ventures, please find more information on Supporting Us