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As part of our mission to equip Christians with the confidence and tools necessary to share and defend their faith, we have been looking at how we can improve the information we give you.

We are, therefore, pleased to report that we have now launched our new e-newsletter service to complement Pulse magazine. With Pulse magazine being printed three times a year (January, May and September), e-Pulse will be sent to you electronically during the other months of the year. This enables us to make the most of technology and send you regular links for listening to recent audio messages given by members of our speaking team. It also gives us the opportunity to tell you about forthcoming events, training days and resources (books and CDs), and to make available to you a range of apologetics articles, all designed to help you in the environment to which God has called you.

The next e-newsletter will be sent out in June. From time to time, we will also send out a “breaking news” email highlighting stories that have hit the media when our team has been able to communicate the credibility of the Gospel to the press. This is an area we are increasingly looking to address, and we hope such a service will help you in the inevitable conversations that you will have on such popular topical issues.

Still need convincing? View our e-Pulse archives for March and April. We will also send you this link with the next e-Pulse in July, so that you can access it at that point, if this is more convenient.

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Equipping & Informing

Together with our Pulse magazine (available in printed form or electronically), you can expect to hear from us approximately once a month.

For all new subscribers, there’s a free download as a taster of the type of teaching that we have on offer!

  • Three copies each year of our Pulse Magazine
  • Around eight email newsletters a year with useful links to downloads, forthcoming interesting debates, apologetics articles, events, and prayer requests, along with the latest news from our team.

Do please give us your feedback over the coming weeks and months. Are there particular issues or topics that you would like to see us tackle, for example?

We exist to serve the body of Christ and we exist because of your support. Thank you. We hope this new service will enable you to be more fruitful in all that you think, say and do.