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The new atheists claim that religious people are living in a fantasy world, deluded into believing in a God who is no more plausible than the tooth-fairy or Father Christmas. All religions, they say, are simply out-dated relics from our primitive past, dangerous superstitions that no longer have any place in our modern and scientific world.

Ideas such as these are becoming increasingly common in our society today as many are being influenced by best-selling authors such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Many Christians, understandably, find it difficult to know how best to respond to some of the challenges made to their faith. What do you say, for example, to someone who argues that you can’t trust the Bible? How can you defend your belief in God against someone who says you are making a blind leap of faith? And how should Christians reach out to those around them when there is seemingly so much hostility to the gospel? What hope is there for the gospel message today?

Recorded at our Zacharias Trust Training Day at Parrs Wood High School, Manchester in November 2009

Session 1: Michael Ramsden

Speaking on: To Be of Not to BeThe Reality of the Hope
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[audio:|titles=To Be of Not to Be – The Reality of the Hope|artists=Michael Ramsden]

Session 2: Amy Orr-Ewing

Speaking on: Why Trust the Bible?
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[audio:|titles=Why Trust the Bible?|artists=Amy Orr-Ewing]

Session 3: John Lennox

Speaking on: Reasonable Faith
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[audio:|titles=Reasonable Faith|artists=John Lennox]

Session 4: Michael Green

Speaking on: “Are You Tying to Convert Me?”
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[audio:|titles=Are You Trying to Convert Me?|artists=Michael Green]

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