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Since Nietzsche, various scholars have argued that people would, in time, simply stop thinking about God – no one would be interested anymore. Today, however, some of the bestselling books in the world centre on whether or not God exists and recent global events have put God firmly back on the agenda. The whole world is talking about God, and the debate focuses on two key questions: does God exist, and, if so, what is he like?

This debate provides Christians with an amazing opportunity! It also presents a challenge: Are we prepared to engage people? Are we equipped to do so? The Bible tells us that we should be ready to give a reason for the hope that we have. We are also told to do this with gentleness and respect. Our world is increasingly understood in relational terms and a key part of any relationship is communication. The Zacharias Trust exists to communicate the gospel effectively and to engage meaningfully with others, as well as to equip others to do so.

Your support has already enabled us to address meetings organised by the UN, NATO and parliamentary groups across Europe, as well to spend time with professionals, academics and students. We aim to present the gospel in a compelling way and to equip Christians to regain their public voice in an increasingly privatised world.

Our hope is that we can help to serve you, as you seek to serve him.