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We are living in a time of well-publicised uncertainty – and fear. The challenges we are presented with are unlikely to go away quickly; indeed it may take more than a decade for us to economically recover.

It is always the case that during times of national and global crisis, people re-examine both their lives and their livelihoods. The present crisis with all of its political, social, economic and moral consequences has opened the doors for the Gospel as I have not experienced before. People have come to Christ, or come back to him, as they have been driven to ask what the point of all this economic activity is in the first place. People in positions of power and responsibility have a freshly discovered interest in what we, as Christians, have to say.

It is also a useful time to recap both why we exist and how we are organised. The reason the Zacharias Trust exists is to reach the thinking sceptic and equip the church to that same end. We do this with an itinerant speaking team, which desperately needs to grow for this evangelistic goal. Although there are fewer team members today than there were five years ago, the amount and level of our activity has grown significantly.

In terms of ministry impact, the fruit has been wonderful to see. There have been tremendous responses in a number of countries where Christianity is marginalized or actively persecuted and we are continuing to look forward to the many opportunities that lie ahead to proclaim the gospel.

The Wellspring side of our operation continues to be strategic both in terms of evangelism and social outreach. The humanitarian work allows us to make a practical difference, as well as helping to overcome some of the cynicism of the secular west. We hope to attract funding to allow the programmes to grow, as well as to be able to find someone to champion Wellspring in Europe.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support.