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2008 was a very exciting and fulfilling year for our ministry. We were involved in evangelistic events in many different settings around the world, with ministry in South Africa, Northern Ireland and the Oxford Summer School being particular highlights.

I am pleased to report that Amy Orr-Ewing, our Training Director, gave birth to her third son, Benjamin, on 4th November and is now on maternity leave. She had a very busy year in 2008 and as well as speaking at many different venues she has recently finished two new books, Deep (co-authored with her husband Frog), and But is It Real?

Over the summer, John Lennox participated in a remarkable series of engagements with a number of leading atheists, which have already opened up opportunities for further dialogue. Alister McGrath’s book on Dawkins continues to be a bestseller, making Alister one of the top three authors writing on the subject of God and Science – the other two both being atheists. Michael Green is as dynamic as ever, preaching at evangelistic events and travelling the globe, as well as helping mentor the students at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

There are many exciting opportunities ahead of us in 2009. In the university setting, there is a great hunger to discuss the big issues and we are involved in a number of evangelistic events in colleges and on campuses worldwide. We are also travelling to a number of countries where the Christian faith is marginalised in order to try and reach those who seldom hear the gospel proclaimed.

We are hoping to increase the impact and footprint of our ministry by expanding the number of Zacharias Trust associate speakers, as well as the number of students attending the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. We also hope to take the gospel into many new areas, having recently opened offices in both Hong Kong and Romania.

Thank you once again for all of your prayers and support.