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The New Year has started well and the first ministry opportunities of 2010 have been ones of great joy for me and for Amy.

Also of great significance has been the strength that the European team has gained in our recent staff additions. We are already feeling the benefit of having the new members of staff on board, and we are in a strong position for the coming year.

Our vision, to reach the thinking sceptic with the Gospel, remains our primary focus. The meetings that Vlad Criznic (Romania) and Amy Orr-Ewing have had in the past few months and the opportunities that they continue to have are remarkable. The OCCA is increasingly becoming part of Amy’s focus, and some of the exciting developments are mentioned on Amy’s recent article. Tom Price had a significant series of meetings in London at All Souls that won a ringing endorsement from Rico Tice. Vince Vitale – who we hope may be our key OCCA man in terms of the University – also has a strong evangelistic vision, and some of the reports we hear from the Associates are truly heart-warming. John Lennox’s and Alister McGrath’s ministries continue apace – and Michael Green continues to preach and live with all of the conviction of a newly-won convert! Ravi also continues to be involved in many exciting evangelistic opportunities across Europe.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support.