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In this new book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, former devout Muslim Dr. Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic spiritual journey from Islam to Christianity.

A medical doctor by training with two master’s degrees in religious studies, Qureshi now dedicates his time to teaching, writing and speaking as the newest member of the apologetics team at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

Growing up in a devout Muslim family, Qureshi had read the entire Quran in Arabic by age five, memorized more than a dozen chapters by his teens and boldly proclaimed Islam to his friends of other religions.

Qureshi’s love for Islam defined and directed his life until a close college friend defended the Christian message with compelling evidence and disrupted everything he knew about religion, faith and meaning. Shaken by the potential that Christianity might be true, he turned to God for direct guidance and was given a vision and three dreams that led him to Jesus. Qureshi began his study of the gospel in order to challenge it, but he found Christ as a result.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus presents a gripping and deeply personal account of this spiritual trajectory and details the challenges and opportunities Qureshi’s conversion has presented. “I knew that accepting Jesus would be like dying and I would have to give up everything, because for Muslims, following the gospel is more than a call to prayer. It is a call to die,” he explains. “I gave my life to Jesus, and to this day my family is broken by the decision I made. It is excruciating every time I see the cost I had to pay.”

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