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A couple of months ago, I travelled to South Africa where I had the privilege of speaking to an audience of more than 4,000 believers from all around the world at the Third Lausanne Conference on World Evangelisation.

Addressing the topic of Bearing witness to the love of Christ, I spoke about the challenges of what it means to truly follow the gospel. It is all too easy to operate in our comfort zone, but the early church would not have recognized evangelism that costs nothing. The gospel must be lived and it must change our lives. It is important to ask ourselves whether we are clinging onto things that are holding us back from sharing this powerful, life-transforming gospel. Although it may require a sacrifice on our part, all of our words and actions should be said and done in the name of Christ, for Christ, to Christ, and because of Christ.

As we start this New Year, we remain committed to reaching out to the many sceptics of our society. Yet many Christians no longer truly believe that sharing the gospel will bring about change. Instead, they think that they are just adding to the problem when they try to articulate the gospel, rather than being part of the solution. This is one of the key reasons RZIM exists – to help equip those who desire to defend their faith in a confident, reasoned and gracious way.

We have a training day in January 2011 and our Annual Summer School week will once again take place in July (see page 9). These are complemented by the eight-week and one-year programmes at our Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. More training events are being planned because we believe that God wants to raise up a generation of people who can speak as confidently and knowledgeably about the gospel as they can about their profession. Indeed, this was a key discussion point among some of the world’s top businessmen and women at the Global Executive Leadership Forum held during the Lausanne conference in Cape Town. Reaching people with the good news of the gospel is more than possible! The gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes (Romans 1:16). If we don’t believe this, then we too have become sceptics; those without faith.

I pray 2011 will be an exciting adventure for you, as you continue to be a witness in all that you do and say, growing in your confidence and knowledge.

Grace be with you,

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