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Book Review – Has Christianity Failed You?

21 October 2010

Countless encounters with those who once called themselves Christian made clear to Ravi Zacharias the need to write a book that dealt directly with the widespread and deeply rooted dissatisfaction that many felt towards Christian faith. In his latest book, Has Christianity Failed You? Ravi identifies what he believes to be one of the central reasons causing so many to abandon their faith: the difference between what we believe about God and our own experiences. In other words, God has not lived up to our expectations.

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Chosen Ones – Alister McGrath’s New Challenge

25 June 2010

Title: The Aedyn Chronicles – Chosen Ones Author: Alister McGrath C.S. Lewis was one of the most influential apologists of his day and, as one might expect from a famous author, he had a particular gift for using stories to make his philosophical or theological points. Yet today, Christians seem to be more reluctant to […]

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Book Review – Can Man Live Without God

1 September 2009

Title: Can Man Live Without God? Author: Ravi Zacharias “To every generation God send a prophet. Ravi Zacharias is that prophet for this generation. You must hear him.” Josh McDowell It is no accident that Ravi Zacharias’ radio programme is entitled Let My People Think. Although everything I have read or heard of Ravi’s material […]

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Book Review – The End of Reason

1 February 2009

Title: The End of Reason Author: Ravi Zacharias “The time has come for someone to slay this dragon of disbelief – and I can think of no-one better to wield the sword than my friend Ravi Zacharias.” Lee Strobel “Even with all the restraint I can muster,” writes Ravi Zacharias, “this is the most strongly […]

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Book Review – Beyond Opinion

1 February 2008

Title: Beyond Opinion Author: Ravi Zacharias “The best book of its kind in print” Norman Geisler, Apologist, Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte Apologetics is often viewed as an academic discipline that is only for those capable of grasping complex intellectual argument. In Beyond Opinion, Ravi Zacharias shatters this illusion, by reminding readers that all Christians are […]

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