John Lennox

Against the Flow by Prof. John Lennox

20 February 2015

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John Lennox to debate Stephen Law

17 March 2014

On Wednesday 26th March at 2pm, John Lennox will be debating with atheist Stephen Law, as part of the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival. You can read more here. Does observation of the universe provide us with evidence for, or against, the existence of God? Is there evidence of cosmic design? Might there be evidence […]

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A Christmas Message from John Lennox

20 December 2013

[The following address was given at the Whitehall Carol Service in Westminster Abbey, 13 December 2013] We celebrate an awesome event that has inspired great literature, music, poetry and architecture such as that which we enjoy in this magnificent Abbey. The message of Christ has transformed countless lives, spawned hospitals, hospices and universities. It has […]

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Speaking out in the media

10 December 2013

BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship was broadcast live from Frog and Amy Orr Ewing’s church Latimer Minster for Back to Church Sunday: Amy Orr-Ewing at Latimer Minster on BBC Back to Church Sunday from Zacharias Trust and the OCCA on Vimeo.   BBC Oxford Michael Ramsden was speaking about sexuality, faith and objectification across local […]

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John Lennox at National Prayer Breakfast

28 June 2013

Dr John Lennox addressed over 600 people at the Bible Society-sponsored National Prayer Breakfast, at the Houses of Parliament on 25th June. Watch or download his address here: John Lennox National Prayer Breakfast  

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What makes Christianity different from other religions?

18 June 2013

Why should we believe in Christianity when there are so many other competing religions around? Isn’t it just an ethical code like many other faiths? At a question and answer session for the Veritas Forum John Lennox explains why Christianity does not compete with other faiths, because it offers believers something totally different.

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