Ravi Zacharias

Secularization, Its Control and Power: Live-Stream from Sweden, Tonight

3 April 2014

Why am I a Christian? Michael Ramsden, Ravi Zacharias and Nabeel Qureshi speak LIVE from Sweden. TONIGHT In the second of two nights of live streams, Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden will be speaking on “Why I Am A Christian” at the University of Uppsala in Sweden.  There will be a live question and answer session following […]

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Is truth real? Ravi Zacharias at the University of Pennsylvania

13 February 2014

On 11 February 2014, Ravi Zacharias spoke at the University of Pennsylvania on the topic of ‘Is truth real?’. The video from the event, which includes a lengthy Q & A session (also involving RZIM team member, Nabeel Qureshi), can be seen below (the feed starts at 38:45):

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How do I defend the Bible?

10 September 2013

If you meet an honest sceptic how can you defend the authority of the Bible to them? In a question and answer session, Ravi Zacharias provides an approach for entering into conversation with those who don’t accord the Bible any particular significance. He also stresses that we should not neglect the existential struggles that people […]

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Why does the church fail to live up to its own standards?

6 September 2013

If we believe in a life-transforming gospel then why does the church often seem to fail to live up to its own standards? What about all of the hateful things that are done in the name of Christianity? In this question and answer session, Michael Ramsden and Ravi Zacharias deal with the thorny question of […]

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How do we communicate to atheists about God?

30 August 2013

It’s all very well saying how unique our faith is, but how do we communicate our beliefs to those who don’t even accept God’s existence? In a question and answer session, Ravi Zacharias sums up what topics he brings into conversation when confronted by those who have no concept of the transcendent. He suggests that […]

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What role does apologetics play in strengthening believers?

30 July 2013

We hear people say that apologetics is used in evangelism, but what role does it play in strengthening believers, particularly in times of hardship or when God seems silent? Stuart McAllister and Ravi Zacharias respond to this question, which leads them to stress that we should not under-estimate the personal side of apologetics, either in […]

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Compulsion in religion and the freedom to disbelieve

11 June 2013

What do we make of the use of compulsion to believe in certain countries and is society in the west qualitatively different because of its Christian heritage? In a question and answer session Ravi Zacharias addresses these concepts and highlights that the differences we see in different cultures are a result of the ideas that […]

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Why Christianity and not one of the many other religions?

8 June 2013

Why should we believe in Christianity when there are so many competing religions, which also claim to be true? In a question and answer session Ravi Zacharias explains that we should weigh up all religions according to what they say about origin, meaning, morality and destiny. John Njoroge also points out that all religions boil […]

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