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Apologetics in your area: Manchester

25 July 2011

Many people contact RZIM asking about how they can begin to get involved with evangelism and apologetics. Getting appropriate training is of course an important first step, but even after attending apologetics courses it isn’t always clear what to do next.

One practical way of applying your knowledge is to develop your own apologetics group in your local area, which is what one collection of RZIM supporters have done in Manchester. We caught up with one of the organisers, Philip Lewis, who shared with us more about how the initiative began…

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One Way

1 June 2011

Have you ever met someone and sensed that they are very suspicious of you? When my boys began their first year at school last term I made lots of new friends as I got to know the other parents. One mother seemed to take an immediate dislike to me and although I tried to be friendly, I struggled to make conversation.

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Lecture with Professor Alister McGrath – Lanier Theological Library

7 February 2011

In his most recent book, The Passionate Intellect: Christian Faith and the Discipleship of the Mind, Alister McGrath discusses theology as a discipline that not only informs and sustains the Christian vision of reality, but also serves a passion of the mind to understand God’s nature and ways. While proposing that vibrant theology can have […]

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Chosen Ones – Alister McGrath’s New Challenge

25 June 2010

Title: The Aedyn Chronicles – Chosen Ones Author: Alister McGrath C.S. Lewis was one of the most influential apologists of his day and, as one might expect from a famous author, he had a particular gift for using stories to make his philosophical or theological points. Yet today, Christians seem to be more reluctant to […]

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