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Tom Price on Hollywood’s Noah

3 April 2014

The new Hollywood blockbuster Noah, starring Russell Crow, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins is currently topping the US Box Office.  Russell Crowe topped UK headlines this week after visiting the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Justin Welby at Lambeth Palace to discuss faith and spirituality. You can find out more about this visit here. […]

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How could a good God let bad things happen?

6 June 2012

In 2011, Tom Price gave one of the lunch-time “Big Issues” talks for OICCU (Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union), entitled “How could a good God let bad things happen?”. Click below to listen to the talk. Talk: Tom Price Speaking on: How could a good God let bad things happen? Download Link right-click link for Save […]

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Why isn’t God more obvious?

28 March 2012

Why is it that God does not seem to approach in a much more obvious way? One answer has been that God’s existence is not a matter of reality and facts. Isn’t it more of a faith position, anyway? More of a leap in the dark than an evaluation of evidence? I would agree that […]

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Starting with Questions

19 July 2011

Starting with a question seems like a good idea to most people: it helps to bring a sharper focus; it’s conversational; it reveals gaps in knowledge and it’s quite natural – kids seem to use questions instinctively to find out about the world. Of course, there are lazy questions and there are thoughtful questions. The difference is hard to explain, but anyone who has ever heard, or asked a great question, asked at the right time, will immediately know why good, careful, thoughtful questions are always worth asking.

Christians have often pointed to the example of God asking Adam and Eve, ‘Where are you?’ (Genesis 3:9), and the way in which Jesus interacts with people in the New Testament.

So, perhaps starting with questions isn’t such a bad idea after all, is it? Even so, some Christians are suspicious of starting with questions.

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