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Evangelism & Apologetics

RZIM primarily exists to communicate the gospel effectively and to engage meaningfully with the heartfelt objections and concerns about Christianity in a manner that is relevant to contemporary society. We also seek to equip Christians to do likewise, through our range of training programmes.


Our training ranges from one-day courses with RZIM through to the two year programme with the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

Whether a one-day or a two-year programme – or any of the options in between – the aim is to equip the believer to fulfil God’s call on their lives to ‘always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that they have’ (1 Peter 3:15). The training is therefore designed to help Christians interact more confidently with those around them and to provide a framework by which they can begin to address the issues being raised in today’s society and culture.

Training Partnerships

European Leadership Forum
The European Leadership Forum (ELF) is an event organised by a group of leading evangelical organisations. It gathers church leaders, evangelists, theologians, scientists and professionals from across the continent for fellowship, teaching and networking. In addition to being represented on the steering group, RZIM is responsible for the evangelism seminars at the forum.

The event provides an opportunity to link up with other like-minded individuals and organisations throughout the continent. It is an important part of our strategic goal to identify and train 1,000 European evangelists over a ten year period. The forum is also a catalyst for many of our seminars and training events in Europe.