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Reasons for God

Are you at home, in the workplace, studying or in church ministry? Do you want to be more confident in your faith? Have you ever struggled with the big questions and found it difficult to find meaningful answers? Are you ever baffled by your friends’ or colleagues’ questions and wish you could give a more credible case for God?

This day will deal with how to give reasons for faith in practical ways to the people who matter in your world. The Zacharias Trust team will bring together their experience, stories and expertise to help equip you in sharing your faith. Whatever your background, if your desire is to grow in your witness and confidence in the Gospel, this event is for you.

‘Reasons for God’ will address five of the compelling arguments for God’s existence and will help you to make the positive case for God in conversation with others. In a busy world, the event has been designed to be an accessible way to receive this world-class teaching. There will be key talks with ample opportunity for questions and answers with our speaking team.


Design in the Universe: Does creation point to God’s existence? Vince Vitale will present some of the most compelling reasons why the nature of the universe reveals good reasons for the existence God.

Thinking about Reason: How do we explain the incredible fact that we have minds that reason in such profound and inventive ways? Tom Price will explore the value and importance of reason and how it points to God.

God and Morality: The belief that there is a moral law that stands for all people and for all times is increasingly being called into question.  Tanya Walker will examine how the human desire for justice and moral sense is underpinned by a belief in God.

History and Jesus: God’s acts, particularly in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are claimed to be historical. Former Lawyer, Simon Edwards will examine the historical evidence that strongly supports the claim that Jesus really did rise from the dead.

Personal Experience: There are many intellectual reasons to believe in God, but at the heart of the Christian faith is the claim that we can know God personally. Amy Orr–Ewing will explore how we might share personal reasons for believing in God.

Date: Saturday 24th January 2015

Venue: St Mary’s Church (Bryanston Square), Wyndham Place, York Street, London, W1H 1PQ

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm

Cost: £17.50 per person, or £10.00 for unwaged

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Reboot 2014

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