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We are pleased to announce that we have a limited number of additional places now available for this year’s Summer School.   Please click on the link above to book your place at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment. There are single and married residential places available in The Queen’s College.

If all places have been filled when you come to book, please email Liz at office@rzim.eu to be placed on our waiting list. Occasionally, extra places become available nearer the time.


Convinced? Engaging Hearts and Minds for Christ

The Queen’s College, Oxford, 6 – 12 July 2014

‘The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.’  (Winston Churchill)

Confidence is something that is often sorely lacking in the church today. Everything we believe in is shaped by our notion of truth and it can sometimes be very difficult to separate fact from either fiction or theory. It is not surprising that we feel uneasy about communicating the gospel message today, as there are not only many competing worldviews circulating in society (including those that directly challenge belief in God), but there are also those who argue that truth is simply a relative concept.

In such a pluralistic world, how can we commend and defend our faith to others? What do we say to someone who says there is no evidence for God, for example, or that believers can’t provide convincing responses to some of the ‘big questions’ of life? And what about the supposed conflict between science and religion, or the claims of other rival faiths?

The 2014 Oxford Summer School is a week-long apologetics conference designed to help us become more effective witnesses to those around us. It will show that believers can be confident that the gospel message is not only true, but also that it provides meaningful answers to the big questions of life.


The speakers this year are Ravi Zacharias, Michael Ramsden, Alister McGrath, Amy Orr-Ewing, Os Guinness, Vince Vitale, Tom Price, Michelle Tepper, Simon Edwards, Keith Small and Tanya Walker.


Click “Week at a glance” below to view the provisional timetable. It features Bible sessions led by Os Guinness, a series on ‘Big Questions’ and ‘On the Spot’ Question and Answer sessions. There are a range of seminars to choose from including ‘Introduction to Apologetics’ or ‘Reasons to Believe’, ‘Science’ or ‘Film, Art and Culture’, and ‘Islam’ or ‘Bible Questions’.

Week At a Glance



The cost of the summer school is shown below. Please note that there are limited numbers of each type of place.

Residential (Individual) – £1,695

Residential (Married couple) – £3,225 (per couple)

Please note all prices are provisional, but will be confirmed on Wednesday 4th December 2013 when online registration begins (9am GMT). Payment needs to be made in pounds sterling (GBP).


Bookings will be opened on Wed 4 December 2013 (from this web page) at 9am (GMT). The event tends to sell out very quickly, so in order to avoid disappointment we strongly recommend booking as early as possible. 

Once bookings are opened, you will need to do the following to book onto the Summer School:

1.     Complete the registration form

Registration for this event is free. Simply go back to the top of this page, select which ticket option you would like and then complete the online registration form that you will automatically be taken to. By completing the online registration form you are reserving your place for 7 days. PLEASE NOTE: Your place is not secured until your deposit of £350 per person has been paid.

2.     Telephone our office to pay the deposit

To secure your reservation you will need to call our office on +44 (0)1865 302900+44 (0)1865 302900 and pay the minimum deposit of £350 (non-refundable) per person by credit/debit card. We will hold your reservation for 7 days, and if after this period we have not received your deposit the reservation will be released and offered to someone else.

3.     Pay final balance

If you choose to just pay the minimum deposit for your place to begin with, then the remaining balance is due by 28th February 2014. We will contact you 2 weeks before this deadline as a reminder. You will need to telephone our office again to authorise payment of the remaining amount.

If you have any questions, please contact our office:

Email: events@rzim.eu Phone: +44 (0)1865 302900+44 (0)1865 302900